How to Write Better Characters 

From our last post, you found out that the characters in your work need to be well thought through. But how do you actually make them real? How can you make them shine so that your readers truly engage with them? Well here’s a few tips…

  • Have them have many relationships (family, friends, partner, pets, colleagues) and have them act differently with each. 
  • Give them a deep backstory even if you never end up mentioning it.
  • Have them go through hell! #sorrynotsorry 
  • Develop their character, don’t have them stay the same throughout the story. Experiences change people….
  • Have them make mistakes; be imperfect; be human and relatable and realistic (people fart and have messy hair and sweat!) 
  • Know the basics and then go further (hair, eyes, job, family, relationships etc.) 
  • Always consider their speech! Not every character will sound the same and if they do, they’re not realistic enough (don’t go overboard though and give everyone a different accent.) 
  • Have them have quirks and interests and hobbies and speech go-tos.

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