Mental Health Awareness

When you do the every day/week things that you do for your physical health, be aware that there are many easy ways to do things towards bettering your mental health, too. And you should be doing these things in order to be truly healthy and happy in your life.

So, when you think about doing a basic thing for your physical health, why not think of these things for your mental health, too?

Cardio -> good for mental health, too

Plenty of water -> mindfulness

Walking -> get outside

Muscle work out -> journaling

Moisturise -> meditation

Exfoliate -> yoga

Sun block -> travel

Fruit -> deep, rhythmic breaths

Veg -> discuss feelings

Hair cut -> socialise

Nail trim -> negative thought challenging

Massage -> good for both

Vitamins -> stretch

Doctor check up -> if you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, or odd unnatural thoughts, speak to your doctor

Anti- allergy medication -> soothing baths

Face masks -> change up your environment

Wash hair -> watch something good

Brush hair -> read

Brush teeth -> detach from negative people

Shower -> declutter

Good sleep -> good for both

Dress well -> good for both

Not too much screen time -> good for both

Move throughout the day -> cup of calming tea

Cleaning your ears -> make good plans!

Eyebrows shaped -> travel

More = acupuncture, new experiences, lists, self kindness, favourite things, you-time, and more…

There’s so much more that I haven’t put here that you can try, too. Make these a part of your daily routine and you’re on to a win! Incorporate your own self-care routines into your life, then when the mental health difficulties do come, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it.

You’re As Mad As I Am get your copy here of my self help book here, which helps you cope better with anxiety, depression and stress.

Or if you wish to hire me to write about mental health (or something else) contact me.

Take care.

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