My Writing Services Explained

Blogging services:

  • £25 per post* (provided it is less than 1,500 words)
  • I can do as many as you need in a week (as long as I have the scheduling time)
  • Mental health-related or lifestyle and personal development blog posts preferred as it is my niche and area of expertise.
  • I can work independently (coming up with my own content each week) or with your instruction to suit your needs.
  • I’m SEO content writing and keyword trained
  • Preferred Style: informal, reader-focused, personal, actionable info
  • Can adapt as needed to suit your brand


Mental Health Writing services:

  • I will determine the rate depending on the project.
  • Word count and research needed contributes to rates.
  • Can write short (under 1000 words) or long (1,500+) articles as needed
  • Preferred style: reader-friendly, no highly technical or confusing jargon, experience-based, well-laid out and actionable information
  • Download a copy of my mental health articles (portfolio) here
  • Or check out my mental health blog posts here


Web content writing services:

  • Work on a page-by-page basis
  • Per page charge depends on the desired word count and whether research is involved on my part
  • I have experience with writing web copy for a plethora of sites from all kinds of industries: catering, mental health, haircare, aquatics, shipping, casinos, digital marketing, and so on. (References available upon request)


Editorial and Proofreading Services:

  • This is mostly for manuscripts and chapters of books
  • Also includes, web pages, articles, and any other text
  • Rates at a per page basis for full manuscripts
  • Hourly for shorter pieces
  • Projects priced after we’ve spoken about what you need from me
  • I offer line editing, developmental editing, coaching/advice, and specific writing advice on characters, world-building, and structure/pacing.


Other info:

  • I am open to ghostwriting for clients, but only for appropriate projects.
  • Ghostwriting is at a higher rate, due to the fact that I won’t be credited for the work, and you could greatly profit from it.
  • Looking for those willing to work professionally with me, by hiring me on agreed upon terms that are fair to both parties. No low, unfair rates.

I’m a very approachable, down to earth person who’s happy to have a conversation with anyone needing my services. I will always try to be reasonable and understanding of your needs. Having a lasting, comfortable client-writer relationship is important to me. We must trust one another.

Please feel free to get into contact with me with any concerns or needs. Speak soon!

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