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24 Life Lessons: 24th Birthday

1 – I am not a fixed person. I can be, do, and think many different things in many different ways and that’s OK.

2 – Just because someone doesn’t understand you, or you them, does not mean there’s anything wrong.

3 – I’ve accepted that who I am and who I aspire to be may not be understood by all. That what I want and value is valid and mine to define. I basically accept who I am and love that person without looking to be like others.

4 – I’m finally excited by the future instead of scared of it. I think most of us can have a poor perception of the longevity (or brevity) of life. I’m finally more comfortable with my present circumstances and I trust and look forward to the future while accepting and utilising the now.

5 – Better to be alone than lonely in the wrong crowd.

6 – It’s ok to not be doing what others are doing; it’s ok to think differently.

7 – I am more capable than I realise.

8 – Things can change so fast.

9 – “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.”

10 – “You can buy as many things as you want but it will never make you happy.”

11 – When in doubt, just read or go for a walk.

12 – I have more good people in my life than I realise. I must remember to be aware and be grateful for that.

13 – You can’t force anything: not happiness, not relationships, not inspiration.

14 – We as a species are so much more complex than we could ever image; labels and what we think we are could never truly define us.

15 – Being a creative person with big dreams is hard, but I wouldn’t ask for anything else.

16 – Time ticks by no matter what you do.

17 – When we’re busy, we don’t see the treasure that is right in front of us. I must remember to be present, aware, mindful, and intentional.

18 – Money is just not as important as anything else. As long as you’re safe, count your blessings.

19 – Treasure the older generation, they have a lot left to give. Storytime with your grandparents is an unmatched joy.

20 – The biggest cause of unhappiness is looking over the fence at other people’s gardens and being dissatisfied with your own garden. (The garden is your life!)

21 – You are what you consume. Be that negative people’s bitchin’, bad tv shows, bad books, or bad food.

22 – “We are the choices we make.” It is our actions that determine who we are.

23 – Mistakes or failures or shoddy circumstances are not a life sentence.

24 – Life will always be so much more abundant and special than my mind can fathom. And that should bring you comfort, always.

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