About Me

Hey, my name is Siana-Rose Crawford and I’m a British author, blogger, podcaster, and freelance writer. My books are under my author name, S. R. Crawford. They can be purchased on Amazon for a small price, and they’re my babies so I hope you give them a try!

Predominately, I am a freelance mental health writer. I want to use my experiences and knowledge to help write articles that will better lives. Simple. If you can to hire me to write about mental health and wellbeing, then contact me here.

Let me just list a few notable things that you may wish to know about me:

  • I am educated to the college level¬†and have completed a year of a university degree (before deciding to actively pursue my writing career instead).
  • Self-published 2 books in my Young Adult Fantasy series; wrote a self-help book and published it to help others manage anxiety and depression better, as I have learned to do myself.
  • I was recently employed as an SEO¬†content writer whilst writing my books, before pursuing self-employment.
  • I have travelled to South Africa, where I experienced life living like a local (it opened my eyes and lead to the book How Africa Changed Me which you can view online here).
  • I am currently writing two new children’s fantasy book series that I will publish traditionally with a publishing house this time.
  • I used to run an Anxiety and Depression Anonymous support group, which lead to my passion for mental health awareness.
  • Hosted my own Mental Health Awareness Event in 2016.
  • I’ve been invited as a guest speaker at events to talk about Mental Health.
  • I took a spiritual, challenging solo trip to Budapest.
  • Have written a few blogs before this one.
  • Have made my own short films (amateur).
  • Have produced writing pieces for others in various different ways.
  • I am inspired by J.K. Rowling; George R.R. Martin; Elizabeth Gilbert; Emma Watson, etc.
  • My favourite YouTubers are Lavendaire and Kalyn Nicholson.
  • My books have been enjoyed worldwide by people from the UK, USA, Europe and even Africa!
  • I used to have a YouTube channel where I spoke about books, writing, and life (before realising I wanted a podcast instead).
  • I am open about my experiences and thoughts about Mental Illness.
  • I loved studying English, Media, Japanese, and Film Studies most during my time in education.
  • Dabbled in script writing for a competition and enjoyed it a lot.
  • I’m friends with other authors, writers, and creatives.
  • I love films and TV shows, like a lot!
  • I now actively try to travel as much as I can.