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Things to remember at Christmas time

We don't get to receive It's not supposed to be about how many presents we get It's not a competition of who got the best gift Don't overeat like crazy just because it's the holidays If you can't afford a present, don't put yourself in debt to get it. The person you're getting it for… Continue reading Things to remember at Christmas time

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Welcome, New Years…

I can't wait to meet our dog. The scruffy, fluffy, bundle of Joy That will make our house A home. I can't wait to meet The fans I've yet to gain. Book lovers and movie go-ers, That will scream and hype over The stories I tell. The ideas they'll have Of the characters I brought… Continue reading Welcome, New Years…

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Achievements of 2018

Here is my list of achievements, notable moments, out-of-my-comfort-zone accomplishments, and intentional living accomplishments of 2018... Spring Wolf Run* Wrote the Elle Evans book 75k middle-grade fantasy novel* Wrote the Demon Child (first draft, November) 50k middle-grade fantasy novel* Went away to Portugal: Faro, Sagres, Albufeira, Lagos* Went away to Italy: Rome, Vatican* Went away… Continue reading Achievements of 2018

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10 Things to Do Before 2019

Here are 10 Things to Do Before 2019: Decluttering: Don't bring unwanted, unused, purposeless junk into 2019 (that includes things, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and people). Clear out your wardrobe, cupboards, inbox, downloads, books, notebooks, receipts - all of it! Think about what you really want for the coming year and write it down in CAPS!… Continue reading 10 Things to Do Before 2019

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All I Want for Christmas

This year for Christmas, I want to ask for the biggest thing of all: Confidence. It's all I want this year. It's all I want for years to come. For with confidence, I am brave enough to chase my dreams despite the nightmares attached to the pursuit. Confidence will make me beautiful. Confidence will hold… Continue reading All I Want for Christmas

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Thank You, Writing Community

On this, the last day of NaNoWriMo, I want to say a huge thank you to my fellow writers. This year, I finally found people who are (and have been) going through the same journey as myself. Writing is a lonely profession. It's personal, it's hard, it's solitary. This means that writers can become very… Continue reading Thank You, Writing Community

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Break It Down – Goal Setting for 2019

I've been super excited about setting my goals and intentions (and wishes) for 2019 already, but I know that for some, goal setting can be really difficult. It's normal to feel a little anxiety (or a lot, as I've experienced some years), or even depression at this time of year. It's daunting. It's overwhelming. Time… Continue reading Break It Down – Goal Setting for 2019