Why “Red Queen” Wasn’t All That 

Under-developed characters: I felt that Mare Barrow (the main character) was very meh for me. She seemed bland and just an accessory for the story instead of a strong, developed, real character. I didn't care about her or her story. I didn't like her. And I just couldn't get into her person. In fact, I … Continue reading Why “Red Queen” Wasn’t All That 

Pirates of the Caribbean Film Review

Today I watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean film and I have to say I loved it! So much so, I got out my notebook to take notes because it was inspiring me with new fantasy ideas!  What I liked: The curses and spells are always so fascinating in these films. It was hilarious … Continue reading Pirates of the Caribbean Film Review


I'm just going to introduce my blog, firstly. It will be used to share any writing tips that I've found useful. I'll speak about author life - often with a comedic approach. I'll review any awesome or inspiring books and films, too. And lastly, about any life stuff that I feel I should share with … Continue reading Hey!