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Hey there! Welcome to my podcast page, where you can listen to my lifestyle and wellbeing podcast called “What I Know So Far.” Here, I will share my experiences with life, challenging myself, challenging society, mental health progression, and all things in the way of a “better life“. If you enjoy this, follow my blog too, or you can also listen to the What I Know So Far podcast on SpotifyApple Podcasts, Overcast, Castbox, and Anchor, too.


Episode One – Introduction to What I Know So Far & Modelling Inspiring People:


Episode Two – Better Life Tool Kit:


Episode Three – Time Is Your Best Friend:


Episode Four – Create Your Masterpiece


Episode Five – Why You Need to Travel


Episode Six – Give Yourself a Break


Episode Seven – Mind Poison


Episode Eight – Starting Again


Episode Nine – Be a Better Person to & for Others


Episode Ten – Life is Hard & Unfair


Episode Eleven – Dealing with Change


Episode Twelve – Be Who You Are


Episode Thirteen – Magic!


Episode Fourteen – Needing Space


Episode Fifteen – Life Readjustment


Episode Sixteen – Share Your Failures


Episode Seventeen – Keep Going


Episode Eighteen – Safe & Comfortable


Episode Nineteen – The Power of Learning


Episode Twenty – Something’s Not Right


Episode Twenty-One – Resistance