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Inspiration Tools for Fantasy Writers

Hey, fellow fantasy writers. Today, I wanted to share with you a few perhaps lesser-known ways to find inspiration for your fantasy worlds and characters... Pottermore Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan will know of the site Pottermore, which is rich in extended content about the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universe. I've recently… Continue reading Inspiration Tools for Fantasy Writers

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Thoughts on Age & Balance

*An introspective piece...* Yesterday, myself and my partner went to see Kevin Hart (the comedian) live. It was an amazing night, where I laughed so much that I hurt. But before Kevin Hart came on, another comedian made jokes about age. He was talking about the differences between someone in their 20's and someone in… Continue reading Thoughts on Age & Balance

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Crafting your life – Poem

Trying to hold onto the paper, but it tears and tears, they fall. Cages lock me in. Every way you look, there's bars. I'm trapped. Foolish to think, I could ever be free. Freedom is an idea, That can't be made real. But we build Build Build. Chip away at the edges, Try to create… Continue reading Crafting your life – Poem

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Life is too damn short

Life is too short to waste time being angry at people you love. Too short to ask "why?" and dwell on the past. Too short to wait for apologies. Too short to blame people (or yourself) for things going wrong. Too short to wait for summer, the weekend, and holidays. Too short to waste time… Continue reading Life is too damn short

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How I Know I was Meant to be a Middle-Grade Author

Hopefully you know by now that I've made the switch from writing YA fantasy to now writing MG fantasy. I've been thinking lately that it's always been obvious that I am better suited to children's fantasy than young adult or teen fantasy, and here's why... I can be poetic and whimsical and silly with my… Continue reading How I Know I was Meant to be a Middle-Grade Author

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How I became a fantasy author

Today I wanted to just kind of ramble about the fantasy that I love and how they have definitely been detrimental to my being a fantasy author myself now. Here we go... Cartoon Network I think it's safe to say that my fantasy-love journey started with this beautiful children's TV broadcasting channel. Carton Network showed… Continue reading How I became a fantasy author

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How to Feel Good

Just for fun, here are a few things you can do to feel good today! Look good, feel good Do good, feel good Eat good, feel good Move good, feel good Speak good, feel good Read good, feel good Think good, feel good Sleep good, feel good Love good, feel good Invest good, feel good… Continue reading How to Feel Good