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Know Who Inspires You and Why

There is gold in the knowledge of who you are inspired by, and most importantly - WHY. It's not enough to say you like this person or that person, or simply picking someone who you feel you should be inspired by. It's easy to say "I'm inspired by Oprah Winfrey" but if you can't actually… Continue reading Know Who Inspires You and Why

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Remote Working and Freelancing Sucks!

Most people who work a job they hate, or work a 9-5 stuck to a desk, have probably once dreamt of working remotely (away from an office). But as a new remote worker (freelancer), I'm here to say it's not all it's cracked up to be. Here's why this way of working isn't always so… Continue reading Remote Working and Freelancing Sucks!

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The Secret to Success in All Areas of Life P-ing all over the place. That's right, p-ing. You need to focus on and harness these Ps in life and you will never go wrong Persistence - the only way to win is to keep on going. The water cuts through the rock with persistence above all else. Patience - with persistence comes patience.… Continue reading The Secret to Success in All Areas of Life

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New Year, Same Me

"New Year, New Me" doesn't really work because as the clock strikes 12, we don't actually change. We may have been given a new calendar year, but we are the same people with the same problems and the same bad habits. I don't mean to put a damper on the new year. I for one… Continue reading New Year, Same Me

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I'm just going to introduce my blog, firstly. It will be used to share any writing tips that I've found useful. I'll speak about author life - often with a comedic approach. I'll review any awesome or inspiring books and films, too. And lastly, about any life stuff that I feel I should share with… Continue reading Hey!