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Embracing Life’s Spectrum: Living Free

We can free ourselves by thinking less black and white. Less us and them. Less "you are or you aren't". Because life should be lived on a spectrum. And this spectrum both sets us free and connects us...   Personality & Identity We are never fully formed. People will have you believe that once you… Continue reading Embracing Life’s Spectrum: Living Free

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How Family Affects Our Sense of Identity in Adulthood

*Part of the Identity Series* Intro Obviously, we know that our upbringing has a direct effect on who we are. In the Nurture versus Nature argument, I lean more towards Nurture. We are a product of our environment. I am kind because my mother showed me how to be kind. I am resilient because she… Continue reading How Family Affects Our Sense of Identity in Adulthood

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Indecision, Crisis, Paralysis (Poem)

Don't forget to volunteer. not because you're a good person but because it'll look good on your CV. Don't forget to get a degree and possibly a Masters, just to be told that, you don't have any experience. Don't forget to work, get some real life experience. Learn about people, learn to interact, have a… Continue reading Indecision, Crisis, Paralysis (Poem)

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5 Things NOT to Say to Someone in a Rut

What have you done today? You may think that you're being kind and asking about their day, but the phrasing of this is important to note. You're not asking how their day was or if they're okay, you're asking what they're done. This then brings about some reactions: I must think of something productive or… Continue reading 5 Things NOT to Say to Someone in a Rut

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GUEST POST: 5 things my depression taught me

Hi, my name is Hannah from the Wellbean blog. When I was younger, the word depression didn’t ever enter my vocabulary. No-one I knew suffered from depression and it just wasn’t something people spoke about (well, in my small part of the world anyway).   I was 20 when I had my first major breakdown.… Continue reading GUEST POST: 5 things my depression taught me

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How therapy changed my life

Self-awareness The first thing that therapy did was help me to begin understanding myself and my disorders. Having anxiety or depression and not knowing what it is or what it means is very difficult. However, once you're diagnosed and taught what it means, it makes things a little easier. You can know yourself, see the… Continue reading How therapy changed my life