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Embracing Life’s Spectrum: Living Free

We can free ourselves by thinking less black and white. Less us and them. Less "you are or you aren't". Because life should be lived on a spectrum. And this spectrum both sets us free and connects us...   Personality & Identity We are never fully formed. People will have you believe that once you… Continue reading Embracing Life’s Spectrum: Living Free

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Belonging & Community in Adulthood

*Part of the Identity Series* I believe that a lot of our personal struggles in adulthood come from our sense of Identity and Belonging. Why? Because we question who we are and what we're meant to do. These questions tie directly to our sense of Identity, but they also tie into the concept of Belonging...… Continue reading Belonging & Community in Adulthood

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The Villains In Our Lives

In life, and in stories, there are often perceived villains: things or people that cause conflict and pain. In regards to stories, I find the most interesting ones to be when there is no villain. No one that we can see, anyway. Today, I wanted to discuss villains in regards to our own lives and… Continue reading The Villains In Our Lives

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Stress Awareness Month: Let’s Talk Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month, and so I wanted to talk all about stress: what it is, how it affects us, why we get stressed, and how we can prevent it...   What is Stress (really)? In one word, I would link stress to overwhelm. It is when you're doing too much or thinking about… Continue reading Stress Awareness Month: Let’s Talk Stress