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Break It Down – Goal Setting for 2019

I've been super excited about setting my goals and intentions (and wishes) for 2019 already, but I know that for some, goal setting can be really difficult. It's normal to feel a little anxiety (or a lot, as I've experienced some years), or even depression at this time of year. It's daunting. It's overwhelming. Time… Continue reading Break It Down – Goal Setting for 2019

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Change the Narrative

I don't think I'm the only one who tells myself stories (and no, not because I'm an author). I mean the stories we tell ourselves about of lives and our Self. They can be labels, ideas, "evidence-based facts" or other, but there's a lot of things that we just accept and believe about our lives… Continue reading Change the Narrative

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Thoughts on Age & Balance

*An introspective piece...* Yesterday, myself and my partner went to see Kevin Hart (the comedian) live. It was an amazing night, where I laughed so much that I hurt. But before Kevin Hart came on, another comedian made jokes about age. He was talking about the differences between someone in their 20's and someone in… Continue reading Thoughts on Age & Balance

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Force It!

Sometimes, sadly, in order to be productive, we have to force it. The best way to ensure something gets done is to give yourself no other choice but to do it. Yes, this can be a little frustrating, but it can really work when you're trying something new or trying to build new habits that… Continue reading Force It!

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Life is too damn short

Life is too short to waste time being angry at people you love. Too short to ask "why?" and dwell on the past. Too short to wait for apologies. Too short to blame people (or yourself) for things going wrong. Too short to wait for summer, the weekend, and holidays. Too short to waste time… Continue reading Life is too damn short

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Expressing Gratitude

After watching one of my favourite YouTubers (Lavendaire), I decided to do one of her journal prompt suggestions, which was "what do I have now that I once wished for?" This is a simple question, yet I found it amazing and I couldn't wait to write out what I had now that I once wished… Continue reading Expressing Gratitude

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“Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck” Thoughts

This book wasn't very unique, or life-changing (as the title says) to me, but I loved it all the same. It kind of felt like a long blog post, but I love blog posts that inspire thought and get you thinking about changing your life, which this book did for me. Here are some thoughts… Continue reading “Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck” Thoughts