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Opening Up About My Insecurities

We all have insecurities, these negative self-beliefs that hinder our outlook on the world and how we live. These can be all sorts of things, but I bet there's quite a few that are common among all of us. Here, I've opened up about my own insecurities with the aim at bringing them into the… Continue reading Opening Up About My Insecurities

Life & Stuff, You're As Mad As I Am (Mental Health)

Extensive Decluttering & The Mind

Lately, I've been Decluttering my space. Like a lot. So much so, in fact, my mom was actually worried about me. But she should have been the opposite - she should have been happy for me. For decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary things is wonderfully healthy for the mind. I'm still surprised that I've… Continue reading Extensive Decluttering & The Mind

You're As Mad As I Am (Mental Health)

How to Get Out of a Low Mood

The other day, I'd been in a low mood, hence the "when I'm low" post before this one. But I've worked hard to get myself out of that low mood. As a seasoned person with anxiety and depression, I'm used to low moods. But that also means I've gathered tools to get myself out of… Continue reading How to Get Out of a Low Mood

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When I’m Low…

I hit the snooze button, over and over again. I snap and lash at my partner and my family. I eat a lot. Or not enough. I procrastinate. Then I beat myself up for being unproductive. I cry, a lot. I tell myself that I'm this and I'm that, only using the ugly words, of… Continue reading When I’m Low…

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Change Your Language & Receive Abundance

The following advice will help you to shift your mindset and your vocabulary from a place of desperation and fear and anger and need and lack and longing, to a place of encouragement and acceptance and fulfilment and gratitude and trust - which will then create peace within yourself, strength, and the ability to then… Continue reading Change Your Language & Receive Abundance

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The Universe is Working its Magic

Things are coming together in my life. It's not like I'm in an AMAZING place, but I'm in a good place and I feel like the universe is putting things into place, in this wonderful order that will bring the necessary change I've been seeking... I am a new self-employed worker so my financial situation isn't… Continue reading The Universe is Working its Magic

You're As Mad As I Am (Mental Health)

Fighting Back Against Anxiety & Depression

Previously, I wrote about the affects of anxiety and depression. I wrote about what they stopped me from doing and how they have limited me. Here, I'm going to show how I've fought back. What they didn't stop me from doing, and what I achieved despite their affects... How I've fought back against Anxiety and… Continue reading Fighting Back Against Anxiety & Depression