Remote Working and Freelancing Sucks!

Most people who work a job they hate, or work a 9-5 stuck to a desk, have probably once dreamt of working remotely (away from an office). But as a new remote worker (freelancer), I'm here to say it's not all it's cracked up to be. Here's why this way of working isn't always so … Continue reading Remote Working and Freelancing Sucks!

Lil Fat Girl – Poem

"Oh god, have you seen yourself, lately? You seem to have put on a little Weight." Wait? Have I? I didn't notice. "How could you not notice? It's in your face Your thighs Your belly And your ass." Now that you've told  me, The fat enters my Mind. I'm fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. When did … Continue reading Lil Fat Girl – Poem

Spring Has Sprung & What That Means For Me

It is the Spring Equinox today, which means spring is here! I think someone needs to tell the weather that, though... Spring is my favourite time of year because it's all about rebirth, coming anew, and getting out of that winter slump. I find that I suffer from SAD in the winter, so I always … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung & What That Means For Me