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Spirituality is Everywhere

I'm sharing this because I've only just now realised that spirituality has been a big thing in my life for way longer than I thought. It's only now that I recognise it. I have a Yin and Yang tattoo on my wrists, which marks a very spiritual ideal of seeking balance in your life and… Continue reading Spirituality is Everywhere

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Let’s Talk About Comparisons

Today, I just wanted to talk freely about my problem with comparisons. When I say comparisons, I mean comparing where you're at in your life to where other people are. Comparing what you've done or what you have to other people. Getting jealous or angry or bitter about what you think you lack. I have… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Comparisons


“There’s No Room” – Poem

There's no room to grow, Within these four walls. These hallowed halls, Ring too loudly Of the past.   There's no room to breathe, Among these toxic fumes, That have been festering, For years, Within the minds Of my family.   There's no room to heal, When the black clouds do grow, Casting a shadow… Continue reading “There’s No Room” – Poem

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“You Know Nothing” – Poem

You don't know that character, From that classic book. You don't know about food, Or even how to cook.   You don't know the countries, That sit on our maps. You don't know the runners, That run all those laps.   You don't know what film That actor was in, Or ways to exercise And… Continue reading “You Know Nothing” – Poem

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Introducing My IEG Articles

Hey guys, those who follow my blog may have noticed that I write about a lot of different things. What can I say? I'm an interesting person, with many interests! This extends to my writing, too. I like to write about many things, mostly things that inspire thought in others. Enter, IEG. The IEG articles… Continue reading Introducing My IEG Articles