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Politically Correct

I just watched the episode of Explained on Netflix that's about "Political Correctness" and so it inspired me to write my own post about it. Now, in this changing, ever-growing age that we live in, it can be hard to be politically correct. But the way I see it, as long as you're open-minded and… Continue reading Politically Correct

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Looks Can Be Deceiving…

The reason why I chose to unpack this phrase "looks can be deceiving" today was because I was in my room trying to will myself to leave the house. I almost convinced myself not to go out because the weather looked cold and grey. As a freelancer, blogger, and author, I really don't have to… Continue reading Looks Can Be Deceiving…

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Limits to Change

It's September, guys, and I don't know about you but I am feeling kind of like I've got a chance to start afresh. I don't know if it's because it's the changing of the season, or because we used to start a new school year in September, but for the first time I'm not sad… Continue reading Limits to Change

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Thoughts on Age & Balance

*An introspective piece...* Yesterday, myself and my partner went to see Kevin Hart (the comedian) live. It was an amazing night, where I laughed so much that I hurt. But before Kevin Hart came on, another comedian made jokes about age. He was talking about the differences between someone in their 20's and someone in… Continue reading Thoughts on Age & Balance

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Crafting your life – Poem

Trying to hold onto the paper, but it tears and tears, they fall. Cages lock me in. Every way you look, there's bars. I'm trapped. Foolish to think, I could ever be free. Freedom is an idea, That can't be made real. But we build Build Build. Chip away at the edges, Try to create… Continue reading Crafting your life – Poem

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Life is too damn short

Life is too short to waste time being angry at people you love. Too short to ask "why?" and dwell on the past. Too short to wait for apologies. Too short to blame people (or yourself) for things going wrong. Too short to wait for summer, the weekend, and holidays. Too short to waste time… Continue reading Life is too damn short

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Reasons Why You Don’t Understand Mental Illness

Mental health = the care for and awareness of the mind, mentality, feelings and thoughts that we have Mental illness = a disorder, impairment, dysfunction, or illness of the mind (brain) I was thinking the other day about how it is that some people still can't wrap their heads around mental health and mental illness,… Continue reading Reasons Why You Don’t Understand Mental Illness