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Crafting your life – Poem

Trying to hold onto the paper, but it tears and tears, they fall. Cages lock me in. Every way you look, there's bars. I'm trapped. Foolish to think, I could ever be free. Freedom is an idea, That can't be made real. But we build Build Build. Chip away at the edges, Try to create… Continue reading Crafting your life – Poem

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“Never Enough” – Poem

What will it take For you to realise That you have Enough; You are Enough? To travel across the world And taste, see, smell, and feel All that it has to give? Is that enough? To write and share The pain and love Inside. To connect, shape, and Enrich the world with words? Is that… Continue reading “Never Enough” – Poem

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“Welcome, Rain” – Poem

It's just a little rain, It does not instil pain. So why not refrain, From these inane, Notions, That the rain, Equals the mundane? Or bane? Or the arcane? Or storms and hurricane? Or a wane? Or that the windowpane, Weeps? Oh, no; how inhumane? It needn't stain, Or drain, Our happiness. Enjoy the chain,… Continue reading “Welcome, Rain” – Poem

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“I’m just tired” – Poem

"How are you?" You ask "I'm just tired" I say. Again. Except, hidden in those words Is so much more pain. Something much deeper than "just tired" could ever be. Cuz I'm tired of being tired Tired of needless drama Tired of being in pain Tired of pretending to be stronger than I am Tired… Continue reading “I’m just tired” – Poem


“Don’t Underestimate Me” – Poem

I may go through life, A little unsure. But still I walk, I run, I soar. My hands might shake, And my body may burn. But with every move, Your respect I will earn. Because I'm powerful. Beautiful. A goddess unseen. There's no rules for me, I break them. My words, They may jumble. My… Continue reading “Don’t Underestimate Me” – Poem


“There’s No Room” – Poem

There's no room to grow, Within these four walls. These hallowed halls, Ring too loudly Of the past.   There's no room to breathe, Among these toxic fumes, That have been festering, For years, Within the minds Of my family.   There's no room to heal, When the black clouds do grow, Casting a shadow… Continue reading “There’s No Room” – Poem

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“You Know Nothing” – Poem

You don't know that character, From that classic book. You don't know about food, Or even how to cook.   You don't know the countries, That sit on our maps. You don't know the runners, That run all those laps.   You don't know what film That actor was in, Or ways to exercise And… Continue reading “You Know Nothing” – Poem