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Careful with the Grind

I'm sure that any ambitious person out there has heard these phrases: You've got to grind for success. You must hustle hard. Work, work, work! Hustle, hustle, hustle! But are these phrases really what we need to hear when pursuing our goals? Is "hustling" really the best way to achieve success?   I think not.… Continue reading Careful with the Grind

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Change the Narrative

I don't think I'm the only one who tells myself stories (and no, not because I'm an author). I mean the stories we tell ourselves about of lives and our Self. They can be labels, ideas, "evidence-based facts" or other, but there's a lot of things that we just accept and believe about our lives… Continue reading Change the Narrative

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“Real Horrors” – Poem

You know what's really scary? Not prowling black cats, Or mouse traps, Or dead rats. No. What's really scary Is gunshots, Black bodies, And broken families. Black lives matter, But the scary thing is, They don't. Not to you all. Do they matter to you? What's scary is, The white child who "Doesn't need to… Continue reading “Real Horrors” – Poem

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Thoughts on “The Hate U Give” Book & Film (Black History Inspired)

Yesterday, I finally got to watch The Hate U Give, the new Black Lives Matter film. Earlier this year, I read the book by Angie Thomas and loved it and was moved by it as well. Let's just say that the film had my heart aching in every way. And I truly hope that as… Continue reading Thoughts on “The Hate U Give” Book & Film (Black History Inspired)

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Black Authors to Read (Black History Month Inspired)

Here is a list of some truly inspiring, notable black authors and some of their works: Oprah {I've read some} Maya Angelou {I've read some} Martin Luther King & Coretta Scott King Malcolm X Alex Haley - Roots: The Saga of an American Family Tomi Adeyemi - The Children of Blood and Bone {I've read} Nic… Continue reading Black Authors to Read (Black History Month Inspired)

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Social Anxiety Isn’t What You Think

Remember the social pressures that we all face: Will I be liked? Will I be accepted? Will I be understood? Am I funny enough? Smart enough? Interesting enough? - and then times that by like ten for someone with social's not a nice feeling to deal with regularly.

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Awesome Black Characters (Black History Month Inspired)

(I've purposely missed out characters from historical films about slavery or the segregation of black people, for I have another post coming purely for that) Also, this is a list of characters that I know, not the only ones that are out there! Please add your favourite awesome black characters in the comments... Shuri (Black Panther)… Continue reading Awesome Black Characters (Black History Month Inspired)