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I Now Have a Lifestyle Podcast!

Hey guys, I now have a podcast called "What I Know So Far", where I talk about bettering your life, your mindset, and your mental health. If that interests you, then check it out here on Anchor (soon to be available elsewhere, too). Thanks! What I Know So Far podcast by Siana-Rose Crawford on Anchor What… Continue reading I Now Have a Lifestyle Podcast!

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How to Handle Criticism

As a budding writer or author, you will suffer through a great deal of criticism. Everyone's a critic, and everyone criticises art. That means you and your work will be a big target. They'll say your writing is dull. Your writing is too descriptive. Your characters don't work. Your plot doesn't make sense. Your plot… Continue reading How to Handle Criticism

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Africa Changed Things…

I'm so sorry that I've been absent for so long. Silly me, I actually forgot to tell you that I went to South Africa for two weeks at the end of August - whoops! I'm back now and I've been busy throwing up and having anxiety and writing a new book and going back to… Continue reading Africa Changed Things…

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What Makes a Character Bad 

They make decisions that don't really make sense.  They're bad to be bad. They have no history. They don't want anything. There's nothing driving them forwards except you, the writer.  They're a meh character. Nothing about them is interesting. No one cares about them. They aren't realistic. Maybe they're perfect or never make mistakes or… Continue reading What Makes a Character Bad 

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How to Create a Character Profile

Anyone who is serious about writing a story, especially one with a lot of characters, should know what a character profile is - and use them. Take my fantasy series, for example, there are over 160 main-ish characters throughout the 4 books. Yes, that many! In order to keep up, and know each of them… Continue reading How to Create a Character Profile

Writing Tips

How to Be a Better Writer 

Read - read a lot and often. The best writers will find time to read every day. This is because it helps you spot bad writing and good writing and learn new things for your own work. Live - I believe that good writers have lived good lives. By good I don't mean perfect, I… Continue reading How to Be a Better Writer 

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Know the Whys of your Story 

You have a great story. It's full of Acton and drama and brilliant characters, right? Well if you don't know the whys behind all of that, then I'm sorry but you're story isn't really that good.  But don't fear! Here's some why questions to ask yourself in order to get started!  Why does your character… Continue reading Know the Whys of your Story