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Do You Take Responsibility For Your Life? (Pt 1)

*This post is entirely my own opinion and is intended to be a guide to help bring awareness to people's actions that can be damaging their lives - that is all.* What does NOT taking responsibility for your life look like?Your common emotions are: anger, jealousy, sadness, resentment, and hatred  Anyone who doesn't take responsibility for… Continue reading Do You Take Responsibility For Your Life? (Pt 1)

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What A Person with Mental Illness Needs

What they need: A shoulder to cry on A person to lean on A person(s) to listen to them Words of encouragement Support when seeking professional help Advice and kind guidance Understanding and empathy Support when taking medication Patience and compassion Information, tips and tricks for helping themselves cope A friend they know is there… Continue reading What A Person with Mental Illness Needs

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When I’m Low…

I hit the snooze button, over and over again. I snap and lash at my partner and my family. I eat a lot. Or not enough. I procrastinate. Then I beat myself up for being unproductive. I cry, a lot. I tell myself that I'm this and I'm that, only using the ugly words, of… Continue reading When I’m Low…

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Guest Post from Sonam Patel “Mental Health is Dismissed Within My Culture”

*This is a guest post from a fellow mental health advocate.* Mental health was not a term known to me until around two years ago. I didn’t know anything about the importance of your own wellbeing, nor did I understand the devastating impact it would have on people I know. If I know anything about… Continue reading Guest Post from Sonam Patel “Mental Health is Dismissed Within My Culture”

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Change Your Language & Receive Abundance

The following advice will help you to shift your mindset and your vocabulary from a place of desperation and fear and anger and need and lack and longing, to a place of encouragement and acceptance and fulfilment and gratitude and trust - which will then create peace within yourself, strength, and the ability to then… Continue reading Change Your Language & Receive Abundance

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Expressing Gratitude

After watching one of my favourite YouTubers (Lavendaire), I decided to do one of her journal prompt suggestions, which was "what do I have now that I once wished for?" This is a simple question, yet I found it amazing and I couldn't wait to write out what I had now that I once wished… Continue reading Expressing Gratitude

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Spirituality is Everywhere

I'm sharing this because I've only just now realised that spirituality has been a big thing in my life for way longer than I thought. It's only now that I recognise it. I have a Yin and Yang tattoo on my wrists, which marks a very spiritual ideal of seeking balance in your life and… Continue reading Spirituality is Everywhere