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Opening Up About My Insecurities

We all have insecurities, these negative self-beliefs that hinder our outlook on the world and how we live. These can be all sorts of things, but I bet there's quite a few that are common among all of us. Here, I've opened up about my own insecurities with the aim at bringing them into the… Continue reading Opening Up About My Insecurities

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Extensive Decluttering & The Mind

Lately, I've been Decluttering my space. Like a lot. So much so, in fact, my mom was actually worried about me. But she should have been the opposite - she should have been happy for me. For decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary things is wonderfully healthy for the mind. I'm still surprised that I've… Continue reading Extensive Decluttering & The Mind

You're As Mad As I Am (Mental Health)

How to Get Out of a Low Mood

The other day, I'd been in a low mood, hence the "when I'm low" post before this one. But I've worked hard to get myself out of that low mood. As a seasoned person with anxiety and depression, I'm used to low moods. But that also means I've gathered tools to get myself out of… Continue reading How to Get Out of a Low Mood

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Missing Sunglasses Metaphor

Today, I've been squinting to the point of a headache due to accidentally leaving my sunglasses at home. It gave me a dreadful headache and dry eyes and generally put me in an even worse mood than I already was, which ruined what could have been a nice day. But the sunglasses were in my… Continue reading Missing Sunglasses Metaphor

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What Society Thinks of Mental Health

*This is my opinion, taken from my own feelings and experiences and the experiences of people I know who suffer from poor mental health too.* You should just get over it Not everyone feels this way, but I've heard so many people say that they feel people who suffer from anxiety or depression are simply… Continue reading What Society Thinks of Mental Health

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Remind Yourself That You’re Enough

I know that my mental health weakens when I compare myself to others, get jealous of others, fail or fall short, or don't do "enough". Well, the best way to combat this is to remind yourself that you're enough. Remind yourself of the awesomeness that you've already achieved or seen or experienced. We can feel… Continue reading Remind Yourself That You’re Enough

Life & Stuff, You're As Mad As I Am (Mental Health)

Mental Health Awareness

When you do the every day/week things that you do for your physical health, be aware that there are many easy ways to do things towards bettering your mental health, too. And you should be doing these things in order to be truly healthy and happy in your life. So, when you think about doing… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness