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Crafting your life – Poem

Trying to hold onto the paper, but it tears and tears, they fall. Cages lock me in. Every way you look, there's bars. I'm trapped. Foolish to think, I could ever be free. Freedom is an idea, That can't be made real. But we build Build Build. Chip away at the edges, Try to create… Continue reading Crafting your life – Poem

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Who Are You, Aside From…

Who are you aside from your race? Who are you aside from your nationality? Who are you aside from your sexual orientation? Who are you aside from your job? Who are you aside from your parental or marital status? Who are you aside from your bank account? Because in truth, none of these things give… Continue reading Who Are You, Aside From…

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How to Be Alone

I believe that it is so important for all of us to know how to be be alone; comfortably alone. It's good for our mental health, our growth, our sense of balance, and resilience. Think about it, you can't always have someone around. You can't depend too heavily on others. You need to be able… Continue reading How to Be Alone

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How to Feel Good

Just for fun, here are a few things you can do to feel good today! Look good, feel good Do good, feel good Eat good, feel good Move good, feel good Speak good, feel good Read good, feel good Think good, feel good Sleep good, feel good Love good, feel good Invest good, feel good… Continue reading How to Feel Good

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Who Are You?

I was thinking the other day about who I am. Yes, philosophical, I know. But this is an important question. Who am I? Who are you? I was thinking this because I'd been in a sad mood. I'd seen people on the tv and my social media who just seemed so...themselves, you know? They were… Continue reading Who Are You?

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Exploring the Colossal City of Rome

Rome is a destination on nearly everyone's list of "places to visit" because of the Colosseum (amongst other things). In fact, it's always been one of the iconic monuments that I've always wanted to set eyes on, to remind myself of how amazing this world and the people in it can be - with all… Continue reading Exploring the Colossal City of Rome

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Mind Mapping for Writers

I love mind maps. Countless times have they helped me figure out ideas that I was struggling with. Here are a few ways that you can use mind maps: Details for your story: this is the biggest one. I've used many mind maps to help me to discover detail about my story without feeling like… Continue reading Mind Mapping for Writers