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Opening Up About My Insecurities

We all have insecurities, these negative self-beliefs that hinder our outlook on the world and how we live. These can be all sorts of things, but I bet there's quite a few that are common among all of us. Here, I've opened up about my own insecurities with the aim at bringing them into the… Continue reading Opening Up About My Insecurities

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How to Do a Boring Task Effectively

I have quite a few things in my life that are "boring" to do, but nonetheless, they need to be done. We all have those tasks, right? For me, it's writing pieces that aren't in my niche (topics that I love) and editing my writing extensively - these are my biggest boring tasks that I… Continue reading How to Do a Boring Task Effectively

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The Universe is Working its Magic

Things are coming together in my life. It's not like I'm in an AMAZING place, but I'm in a good place and I feel like the universe is putting things into place, in this wonderful order that will bring the necessary change I've been seeking... I am a new self-employed worker so my financial situation isn't… Continue reading The Universe is Working its Magic

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Being in a Relationship & Mental Health

Care about whether your relationship is constantly darkening your mentality. Care about whether being single is something you want or something you feel you are because you're not in the right mentality. Relationships are HUGE factors that influence our mental health. Therefore, we can't take them lightly. We can't go in and out of them without paying attention to who we are letting in and what dirt they are treading through our minds. Be mindful.

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I Now Have a Lifestyle Podcast!

Hey guys, I now have a podcast called "What I Know So Far", where I talk about bettering your life, your mindset, and your mental health. If that interests you, then check it out here on Anchor (soon to be available elsewhere, too). Thanks! What I Know So Far podcast by Siana-Rose Crawford on Anchor What… Continue reading I Now Have a Lifestyle Podcast!

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Our Trip to Portugal: Part Two

Here's the details from the other half of our trip... Airbnb Ever since I decided to travel for myself, I have stayed (or tried to) in AirBnbs. If you've never used it, give it a try. You can opt to stay in a house, a spare room, or a shared room depending on your budget.… Continue reading Our Trip to Portugal: Part Two

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“My Author Journey” Part One: First Fantasy Book Publication (Ash Born)

I'll start with "Ash Born". Anyone who has followed my journey or known me for a while should have heard of "Ash Born" at least once. If not, I really have failed it. Ash Born is the first book I ever published, well, it wasn't always known by this name.